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Memorial Garden Dedicated in honor of Fr. Joseph Peek

Posted: 5/26/2017

Marian Memorial Garden

    Since February of 2016, the Atlanta St. Edith Stein Chapter of the Honor Society has been planning the establishment of an outdoor memorial garden, consecrated to the care and devotion of our Blessed Mother and lovingly dedicated to the memory of Father Joseph Peek. The idea was originally formulated by the year’s geometry class, closely following the death of Father Joseph, long-time friend and benefactor of Regina Caeli Academy. The students and tutor wished to memorialize in a distinctive manner Father Joseph, faithful servant of the Blessed Mother, who had staunchly and unwaveringly completed his mission upon this earth. The grotto would also provide the center, for years to come, with a serene niche for peaceful devotion to Our Lady.

    The idea was shared with the honor society, and after being mutually approved by Regina Caeli corporate, the geometry class began proposing potential designs for the future grotto. Incredibly, funds were donated to cover a large portion of the cost of a beautiful, five-foot statue of Our Lady of Fatima. In order to raise the last necessary two-hundred dollars for the statue, as well as money for benches, foliage, and several other integral portions of the garden, the members split into various committees and fully planned a winter, formal ball for high-school students. An enormous success, the winter ball raised close to one-thousand dollars; these funds permitted the commencement of the construction of the grotto. Across a span of four workdays, members labored to prepare the site of the future grotto, clearing the selected location of weeds, uprooting and replacing several trees, and implementing additional gardening. After countless hours of designing, fundraising, and landscaping, the fulfillment of the Marian grotto was at last realized in its dedication and blessing by Father Kevin Peek on the final day of the 2016-2017 school year.

It is the steady hope and firm belief of the members of the honor society that Our Lady will be, in a distinctive and extraordinary manner, guarding and protecting Regina Caeli as the newly consecrated Marian grotto attracts and draws the children of the Academy ever closer to her motherly heart. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


Lauren Wiley

Secretary St. Edith Stein Honor Society 2015-2016

19 May 2017


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