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Community of Prayer

Posted: 10/23/2018   (post expired on 3/1/2019 and may contain outdated information)

Each Regina Caeli center is blessed to have a Pilgrim Shrine that travels from family to family. Recently, one Austin family desired to host the shrine while the children's grandmother came for a visit and now shares their blessed experience.

Thank you for giving us our Pilgrim Queen for two weeks! We couldn't have asked for a better gift for the family. 

During the two weeks, we celebrated seven birthdays (and we are not done yet...I think 2/3 of our family members are born in October!). Chiara turned five last week, and we were blessed to have our Pilgrim Queen on her special day. 

We prayed daily as a family for our RCA prayer vine intentions, those suffering among us, and four major intentions. I am happy to say our Blessed Mother is undoing knots and revealing God's will to us with regards to those four intentions. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercession!

Thanks again for your generosity!

- The "E" Family 


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