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What are students saying about RCA?

Posted: 2/5/2018

What are students saying about RCA?

One of the first questions a touring family asks is, "How do students do with transitioning from another program or school?" or "Do you think my child will be able to adapt to RCA after years in public school?" Well, recently, one of our 6th graders answered that question for you in a heartfelt letter to her parents! 



January 30, 2018

Dear Mama and Papa,
I would prefer to go to RCA because before when I went to public school I
wasn’t really connected to the family as I am now. The first day we went to RCA
everything was crazy, or that’s what I thought. It wasn’t RCA that was crazy I was.
I could not go with the flow. Now that we go to RCA I can more easily adapt to
changes than before. I also learned calming down is the best option when you
have a lot of things going on. In the nursery in the morning I always think what I
am going to do today and why I should not loose my temper. I love to go to RCA.
At RCA everyone is one family. What I mean is that everyone cares about
each other like a family. When I look at the RCA symbol I think of love, family a
place where people care about life and that you are a human person. I think of all
the people who love Jesus, I think of our beautiful little church our beautiful altar
and Jesus. At RCA I think of Jesus most of all. At RCA WE pray together. We are
not ashamed of people who pray because we are those people; the most
powerful people in this world. WE pray. WE love. WE care. We don’t make fun of
people most of all.
We have Jesus, the most precious gift. Another thing is everyone is nice.
Everyone cares and helps you. We work together as one. In every classroom there
is a crucifix. Also we don’t learn about weird stuff about the media or modern
stuff. Which is great because the main purpose is not to do useless work like at
public school but learn what is important and then to focus on God. The only
reason we are on this word is because of God, to carry out his mission then to
return to him. To love Him, to tell others about him, and then to return to heaven.
Please if it would be possible let us go to RCA. I can pray when ever I want
and I love Jesus so much more. I know it is a lot I will try to help more. I love you!

In Christ,

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