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Bidding Open NOW for Baton Rouge and San Antonio Fabulous Fathers Auctions!

Posted: 2/20/2019   (post expired on 2/23/2019 and may contain outdated information)

San Antonio, TX Auction - Open now through the event on February 22!
Baton Rouge, LA Auction - Open now through the event on February 22!

We are excited to announce that the silent auctions for our Fabulous Fathers events in San Antonio and Baton Rouge are LIVE!!! You can begin browsing and even bidding now. Even if you cannot make to our event, you can still take part in our silent auction. Anyone can bid remotely and we can ship any items you win! Simply visit the auction online or download the Handbid app on your mobile devices and search for "San Antonio Fabulous Fathers" or "Baton Rouge Fabulous Fathers" to start browsing and bidding. 

We have so many amazing items in these auction. Beautiful Catholic gifts, fun items, gift cards and more!

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