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A Student's Reflections on his Studies and Spiritual Growth

Posted: 2/19/2018

The Foundations Of My Studies And Spiritual Growth

By William Yamin

I have read many informative books during my years of studying through Regina Caeli Academy. It would be a mistake to claim that even one of them did not have a significant effect on my intellectual and spiritual development in some way. However, two spectacular books in particular have had an influence on my life more than the other books that I have read under Regina Caeli Academy. These books are Catholic Morality and Chief Truths Of The Faith by Father John Laux. I read Catholic Morality and Chief Truths Of The Faith in my religion class of my freshman year of highschool. These two books truly provided me with foundational knowledge and information for my faith and showed me how not only to effectively defend and share my faith but also how to involve myself in productive, intellectual conversation and present a well configured and morally sound point of view.  

By reading Chief Truths Of The Faith, I learned how to prove that the Catholic Church is the one true faith instituted by Jesus Christ and is infallible through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I learned how to prove that Sacred Scripture, the foundation of our faith, is indisputably authentic and that it was divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Chief Truths Of The Faith helped me to better understand the mysterious nature our Lord and Creator and Savior and the fallen nature of man. Along with learning about the deadly consequences of sin, especially the soul killing consequences of mortal sin, I also learned about the Sanctifying grace of God and the Actual grace which we can receive. I learned about the value of the Seven Sacraments and how we receive grace through them. It is through all this wondrous grace that we remain in God’s favor, fulfill our vocations and achieve eternal salvation.

By reading Catholic Morality my understanding of the nature of God and man grew more extensively. I learned more thoroughly about the loving gift of free will from God and how easily we can abuse it and how we are most satisfied when our will is aligned with God’s divine and perfect will. I learned that a well formed conscience can recognize the calling of God and follow His will more easily than a malformed conscience can. I learned how to recognize my vocation, at this time, is that of a student and a young adult. Therefore, as a student my priorities are advancing in my studies, enriching my relationship with my family, particularly with my parents, and most especially growing in my faith and deepening my relation with God. I more clearly recognized my immediate duties, such as owing obedience to my parents and showing charity to my brothers and sisters in Christ and striving to achieve eternal salvation for myself and help all those whom I associate with to also achieve eternal salvation. Catholic Morality helped me understand how to use the tools that have been granted to us by God in order to help us attain salvation; such as the examples and the intercessions of the Saints, the value of blessed objects, and most especially the Seven Sacraments. I understood the importance of not just avoiding the near occasion of sin and striving not to sin, but also practicing virtue, especially the virtues that are opposite of the vices and sins that I struggle most with.

During the course of my freshman year of highschool, the discussions that my classmates and myself had during class greatly helped strengthen my understanding of the concepts that I had read about in these books. The knowledge I had gained from from these two books assisted me in advancing in my other classes, particularly in my history classes when I had to recognize issues of certain historical events and the significance of their effects on the world. When trying to help friends, who were struggling with certain issues, I greatly relied on the information I had learned from Catholic Morality and Chief Truths Of The Faith. By using this information I have not only been able to help those whom I have associated with, but in helping others with all this information I have been able to recognize solutions to overcome my own spiritual struggles. Currently myself and a close friend of mine, who read these books at the same time I did, and with whom I associate rather often, regularly have conversations on many moral and spiritual topics. If it was not for reading Catholic Morality and Chief Truths Of The Faith we would not be able to discuss with such depth and understanding the complex topics that we discuss today.

After highschool I plan on studying philosophy along with any other classes I may be taking in college. I know without a doubt that the knowledge I have gained from reading Catholic Morality and Chief Truths Of The Faith is an essential foundation for understanding such a course since these books have helped improve my methods of thinking and analyzing situations and issues. I know that in whatever vocation God is calling me to, whether it is the married life and raising a family or the consecrated and religious life, the knowledge and understanding, which I have gained from these books will be priceless assets that will assist me in fulfilling God’s plan for my life and achieving eternal salvation and happiness in Heaven.


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