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Regina Caeli Tutors: Drawing Out and Filling Up

RCA parent Karen D'Anselmi, a fifth-year upper school tutor at the Fairfield County, CT, center, recently spoke to the question:  What is classical education and how does an RCA tutor support home school parents?   Classical Education is an interesting combination of two approaches. On the one hand, we seek to "draw ...

Regina Caeli - Portland: A Huge Blessing

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Heaven, our True Home

An eighth grade Religion assignment had one Dallas student, Erica Gil, thinking about Heaven and expressing her thoughts in this drawing she titled, "Heaven, Our True Home." As her mother explained, it is inspired by "Erica's thoughts on the diversity of heaven because there's not just one kind of person in heaven...

RCA Students Win Pro-Life Essay Contest

It is with great joy that we announce two winners from RCA in the 2018 Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) and Culture of Life Studies Pro-Life Essay Contest! The dignity of human life from conception to natural death is one of the driving truths of the RCA commitment to Our Lord, and we are proud to see the students articulate...

RCA's Pioneering Mission

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