Admissions Process

We encourage all prospective families to schedule a tour at their closest Regina Caeli center prior to applying. This is usually the best discernment tool we can offer! If Regina Caeli is definitely for your family, the next step is submitting the application for the academic year you are seeking, along with a non-refundable application fee. 

If you are applying for this current year, please use the 2018-2019 application. If you are applying for a future year, please use the 2019-2020 application

Upon receipt of the application, the local coordinator of education will contact you to schedule a family interview (both parents must be present) at the center during class hours. The interview is very important to the admissions process, since Regina Caeli communities depend on awareness of and eagerness for the Regina Caeli model. 

After the family interview, you will receive notice of acceptance and whether there is space for your child(ren) in their respective grade levels. Your student(s) will take the Regina Caeli assessments in Math, Language Arts, and Latin in the late spring or during the summer depending upon when admission to Regina Caeli takes place.  These assessments finalize the student's placement and ensure his or her success at Regina Caeli.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Tuition and Fees

2 day per week class with 5 day directed accredited curriculum

$2000.00 per year per student PreK3 - Half Day

$2300.00 per year per student PreK3 - Full Day

$2600.00 per year per student PreK4 - Half Day

$2800.00 per year per student PreK4 - Full Day

$2800.00 per year per student Kindergarten - Half Day

$3250.00 per year per student K - 6th grade - Full Day

$3750.00 per year per student 7th-8th grades

$4000.00 per year per student 9th-12th grades

*all tutors for 7th-12th grade are available 5 days a week to their students

Four student maximum tuition per family; additional siblings attend at no additional charge.

Staff Tuition Discount Benefit

For more information please call your local Coordinator of Education for the details of this excellent tuition and childcare benefit for employees.


One time Fees

$195 Application fee (non-refundable)

$60 Per Child Assessment fee (rising 1st grade- rising 12th grade). 

$240 Per Family Maximum Assessment fee

Yearly Fees

$195.00 one-time Family Supply/ Technology Fee

$45.00, Per Student, Upper School Retreat Fee (only for grades 7-12)

$50.00 Per Student, IOWA testing (grades 1-12)


Family Fundraising Commitments

$400.00 per semester

All parents assist with per center major fundraiser by working a shift determined by your Coordinator of Operations. 


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