RCA Tuition and Fees


PreK3 - Half Day

$2,800.00 per year per student

PreK3 - Full Day

$3,000.00 per year per student

PreK4 - Half Day

$2,800.00 per year per student

PreK4 - Full Day

$3,000.00 per year per student

Kindergarten - Half Day

$2,800.00 per year per student

K - 6th Grade - Full Day

$3,500.00 per year per student

7th - 8th Grade

$4,000.00 per year per student

9th - 12th Grades

$4,500.00 per year per student

RCA Tuition Limit

  • Four student MAXIMUM TUITION per family
    • Additional siblings attend at no additional charge.

Tuition Assistance Opportunity

  • Employee Tuition Discount Benefit 
    • For more information, please call the local Center Coordinator for the details of this excellent tuition and childcare benefit for employees.

One Time Fees

  • $295 Per Family Application fee (non-refundable) 
  • $60 Per Child Assessment fee (rising 1st grade- rising 12th grade) ($240 Per Family Maximum Assessment fee)

Annual Fee

  • Composite fee of $580 Per Family

Annual Fundraiser and Participation Goals

  • Serve on at least two parent committees;
  • Procure at least three auction items with a minimum total value of $100 for major fundraising events; 
  • Invite guests and sell five tickets to the major fundraising event (may be virtual); and
  • Participate in the giving campaign by signing up at least five monthly partners with a minimum gift of $30/month each.
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