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St. Edith Stein Honor Society

Posted: 9/24/2015   (post expired on 7/27/2017 and may contain outdated information)

On September 21, Regina Caeli Academy inducted its founding members of the St. Edith Stein Honor Society! Open to 10th-12th grade students in good academic standing, this society opened local chapters in Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Detroit, and Houston. The society, like its secular counterparts, exists to promote excellence in scholarship and service. Unlike its secular counterparts, the St. Edith Stein Society encourages students in Christian leadership through a leadership development program, and the practice of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Members participate in one group service project per academic year; this project involves at least one corporal and one spiritual work of mercy. Each member will also complete 6 service hours spent in service projects of their own design or choosing. In those 6 hours, the students will practice at least 3 additional works of mercy. These service projects can include:

visiting a homebound friend or relative
raising money or goods for a charity: a pregnancy care center, soup kitchen, shelter, etc…
volunteering to assist a religious order in their apostolate
organizing a Rosary for Life
helping with maintenance of a shrine, cemetery, or church

Please pray for our new members, their advisors, and all those whom they lead and serve!

Buff, Bridget
​Buff, Thomas
​Clayton, Madelaine
​Stirton, Mary
Stirton, Max
Sweeney, Joseph
Venditti, Rosa

Beckman, Kathryn
Geiger, John
​Hand, Katherine
Hand, Mikayla
McDonough, Neil
​Onate, Damien
Onate, Matthew
​Padgett, Miriam
Saegaert, Siera
Wiley, Lauren

Haygood, Tyler
Hughes, Elizabeth

Gura, Michelle
​Hanft, Angelina
Rowley, Julia
Solorzano, Jason

Dresen, Christian
Dresen, Isabella
​Eusebio, Albert
Maciejewski, Isabella
Propson, Molly
Pogasic, Marcus
Pogasic, Thomas
Scarchilli, Emilie
​Scarchilli, Francis
Tyshka, Alexander
Vitale, Paolo
Vitale, Rebecca
Wojciechowski, Christopher

Flores, Victoria
Flores, Deanna
​Porter, Madeleine

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